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Learn how to set goals and how to achieve them with the aid of The Standing ovation  coaching models.


A professional orator, leader, and mentor, Life has the innate ability to captivate audiences through his empowering delivery while  simultaneously providing education, inspiration, and entertainment. Though every engagement is constructed to make the event a memorable experience, Life is committed to providing actionable content geared towards creating transformations in the lives of the listeners.

Life's coaching course will provide you with many tools and techniques which will equip you with the skills necessary to become an effective communicator, ensuring you get the most from personal and professional relationships.


The " 1 or 1 million,.." approach. Standing Ovation offers several programs tailor-made to suit an array of clients from various industries, backgrounds, and sizes. Take a moment to find a program that fits your needs.


Designed to foster team building, through interactive activities, and dialogue guided by professionals focused on supporting the overall mission of the client and improve the moral of their organization.


With a surgeon's precision, Life combines motivation, education, and inspiration to provide you with a transformational experience. 


Do you have a product for sell that you can't quite communicate? Are you a speaker who cannot figure out how to find your voice, your purpose, or deliver your message? The Standing Ovation provides personal training to assist you in mastering the Art of Articulation.

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Branding, Marketing, Technical  Services, and more.

Together with your improvements in communication goes hand in hand with your business growth, and we are here to help you throughout your journey.




By: Life

A step by step method of finding your purpose in life. Through this actionable plan, you will be able to discover your W.H.Y..

Background: I know we have heard it time and time again, “in order to be a successful speaker you have to find your WHY! WHAT’S YOUR WHY? Your WHY has to be bigger than you.” While the statement is true, it left me utterly befuddled because it always led me to a series of other questions… “Ok, but How? What do you mean my WHY? If it’s MY purpose then WHY do people keep talking about EXTERNAL PEOPLE and THINGS if it is THEIR WHY with no reference to self?


Ultimately, how do I find my W.H.Y?” After years of teaching communications, as a Marine Master Training Specialist, I found out that there were countless people that was plagued by the same line of questioning; which (if no direction was provided) often times led them to following suit of the status quo answer to the question… “My Kids are my why." While it sounded beautiful, unless we had the context or reference that could be attached, it was in direct contradiction with my belief that I was born with a purpose and though I know my purpose had to be bigger than me, it still started with me.


Every person is a tool uniquely designed to fix a particular problem in the world; in order to do this, we have to have a personal attachment to the problem, be able to identify the conflict, and provide a resolution. That’s when it hit me, in order to find my WHY I had to realize that WHY was not a word at all; but, an acronym (or acronyms) for a series of questions that would identify those things and ultimately help me find my WHY. 

what people are saying...


Persona One



Life is the most phenomenal speaker that I've ever had the chance to witness. The way he leads the children within his Y.E.L.L. Academy and the military men and women that he has served with, is phenomenal. Life is able to move a crowd through a range of thought provoking emotions, that will bring you to tears, laughter and self reflection in one statement. We are grateful to be a part of his village.


Karen Pilgrim


Vision Vegan Soul

My dream of becoming a speaker with a idea to share with the world became a reality with the guidance of Master speaking coach Mr. Life. He will listen to your life story, help you push through rough and tough times and find clarity. Coach LIFE taught me how to communicate and articulate my story to touch ,move lives and make a difference.
My dream of becoming a TEDX speaker became a reality with the coaching and Teaching of "LIFE SKILLS"


Persona Three



Working with LIFE for the past five years has been an unforgettable experience for myself, staff and most importantly our students. If I had to choose three words to describe LIFE it would be: inspiration, motivation and passion. His love and dedication in mentoring our students is priceless. Our students have demonstrated growth in academics, emotional well-being, and social skills. His energy is contagious, and I often find myself stopping to take in his words for my own inspiration. We are humbled that he continues to work with us!

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