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LIFE AND The standing ovation


TerDawn DeBoe.jpg

terdawn deboe

​Maya Angelou said, “people may not always remember what you say, people may not always remember what you do, but people will always remember how you made them feel.” “I came to Life for help when I remembered that time that I worked with him a couple of years ago about a speech. Sitting in that coaching call and the way that I felt when he was walking through his process, I knew in my heart and my gut that I needed to work with him. It was a no-brainer for me. The way he did it was so effortless, and hearing him speak, and how he articulates things just comes naturally, it was like he was the authority in this space. I believe that anyone who is on purpose should allow them to do what they do and help you with what you're not able to do at that particular time. I knew he is the person that can help me get the outcome that I need right now, and I didn't want to trust trying to figure that out. I can listen to what anyone says, but I know for a fact that he’ll be able to get me that outcome.”

Terah Thomas.jpg

terah thomas

Life’s way of coaching is very effortless and it made me effortlessly talk about my story because I know I got the right people. My story isn't that I had bad credit but I was fortunate to realize that it was important. So I was like, “What is my story?” and he just literally made me see it. I knew I needed it.


sanja noble

Life has been great. I am so glad I had several conversations with him. His coaching style is very enlightening. Talking about my hurt almost really made me cry but it feels good having to go through that process.

AJ Hailey1.jpg

aj hailey

The educational value and the transformation that I was able to do in the way that Life laid it out to me is just exciting. He helped me out with my speaking and everything to help me find my voice. It was like talking to an old friend I have not seen in a while. I’m driven and hardworking now,  and I look forward to this journey.

Cy Smith.jpg

cyrus smith

I had a very interesting conversation with Life. He introduced me to a different approach to speaking and improving the whole concept of communicating. I like everything that he taught me and I look forward to that journey.


cara wiseman

A big shout out to Life for such an amazing speech. His motivational traits are spot on and are something that I needed whenever I feel like I’m doubting myself and comparing to others. He made me look at my struggles differently and gave me that kind of confidence to go on with my mission. He is such an inspirational and spiritual person.

Chiokee Campbell.jpg

chiokee cambpbell

Campbell & King Financial Services

A huge thank you to Life for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak about life. He gave me and my co-trainees the kind of encouragement and motivation we needed and he just poured it into us. Such a transparent and authentic coach and speaker.

Krystal Michell.jpg

Krystal Michell

Krystal Clear Credit

Coach Life is the best motivational speaker I have ever seen in real life. He got my life together after my coaching with him, and he doesn’t just give you fluff but bits of reality to use them as tools to elevate your business.

Alexis Johnson Photo.jpg

alexis johnson

Financial Focus Remedies

Every time I heard Life is doing live, I always try to catch him online. He is the person that would give you inspiration, motivation, and a little push towards your goal. He always takes those spoken words to a whole new different level, and one of his striking words “Credit is Nothing, Credibility is Everything” really did it for me. LIFE Speaks Life indeed.


karen pilgrim

My dream of becoming a speaker with an idea to share with the world became a reality with the guidance of Master speaking coach Mr. Life. He will listen to your life story, help you push through rough and tough times, and find clarity. Coach LIFE taught me how to communicate and articulate my story to touch, move lives and make a difference. 


Virginia Pough 

Talking to Life is like talking to a therapist and a pastor. Whenever I talk to him, it makes me remember my story by going back to my past and it was crazy. I was like " what in the world is going on"? It's been really good. Thank you!

Melissa Reed.jpg

Melissa Reed

I appreciate every conversation that I had with Life, I can definitely see myself growing speaking with him. 

Dominic Jackson.jpg

Dominic Jackson 

Life gave me so much to think about. The process of going back and delving into my story. It’s easy to look at the outside layer but he taught me that I should keep peeling off those layers one by one. I appreciate everything he has been teaching me.

Tadarius Leak.jpg

Tadarius Leak 

I've been going live on my page since the last time I spoke with Life. He taught me to be more transparent and share things people didn't know about me and that has brought engagements on my page through the roof. For the first time in the business, I made $15,000 on my own and that's a big thing and exciting for me. It's been great!

Kristin Arian.jpg

Kristin Arian

Life has totally transformed my way of communication. The standing ovation has taken my speaking career to the next level. I have received so many compliments on my communication methods. The life I am living is unbelievable and this would not be possible without Life’s amazing coaching! I went from a full-time registered nurse to a full-time wellness speaker. The Standing Ovation is the best course I have ever taken and this coaching has been a life-changing experience. 


Jasmine Williams 

I sold 40 places in the course at a thousand dollars each with Life’s help on talking about my hurt. Being a single parent, my story on how I was living on a commission basis just made it, which is a hundred percent truth. I didn't even go as deep as I could but people appreciated that and got me so many sign-ups based on just telling my story and my journey. So it's been good!

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